High blood preasure; going off one med (water pill)

Well were to start lol, my weight loss journey started just over a year ago when I found out I had high (very high) blood pressure (150/120) I didn't have a doctor so had to deal with it all at a walk-in clinic.. they also determined I had tachycardia so they sent me to a cardiologist, he determined It mostly stems from family history and my tachycardia is something called inappropriate sinus tachycardia (not life threatening but a quality of life thing), so he changed the main medication the clinic gave me to one that helps the IST, but I still was on a water pill, well I now have a family doctor 👍 and he thinks my blood pressure is getting a little low (my machine says average of 99/73, its the bottom number I have a problem with, still some days its over 80) soooo he says I should try going off my water pill because the other meds are controlling my IST too.. I'm a little Leary of going off the water pill because I believe I am someone whos body seems to hold onto water and I don't really want to go backward in weight loss... anyone else ever been on a water pill for a long time and gone off? was it all good or did you have issues... I did try to go off it once before I got a family doctor (clinic doctor told me to TRY to remove it) but started to get tingling in my hands and feet and thought nope I'm going to wait for a family doctor to monitor this... any experience with this or ideas to naturally keep water retention down is appreciated!