FB Burn Round 2 Complete!

Just finished Burn Round 2 today! This will be my third time completing the program. I love the balance of strength and cardio in this program. I have noticed a great change in my arms and some belly fat loss. I also have cleaned up my diet so I think that has contributed greatly to my results. My husband and I are currently on Week 3 of 4 on FB Meal Plan and loving it (except for the massive amount of prep, LOL!) We both have much more energy and our digestion has improved a lot. That is probably another reason why my tummy looks much more toned as well. Abs really are made in the kitchen, as they say!

For those of you who completed this program and liked it, what other programs can you recommend for a good balance of strength training and cardio/HIIT? I like to focus more on weights these days so it would be great to do a slightly more weight-based program.

#WorkoutComplete !!