FBFIT round 2 Before and after

Hello all,

Like most of you, I started my first online workouts at home right before the quarantine started. I started with a couple of HIIT workouts with Kelli and then tried Pilates which I actually enjoyed. I’ve always been ‘scared’ of strength training but I ordered 8 lb kettlebells and tried a few upper and lower body workout classes. My god I felt powerful and was in love. I saw a discount and ended up purchasing the fb fit 2 program and just completed it today! For anyone doubting themselves, don’t do it! Just go ahead and buy the package and modify the exercises as necessary. The 1000 calories workouts were brutal but I just took more breaks than usual and completed them :) I have trouble in one of my knees so I wore a knee brace and modified lunges, and other jumping exercises. It’s an 8 week program and I only saw a 5 pound loss but I feel so much more toned and my clothes fit so much better! I just bought the fb bored easily program and will start that in a few days :) thank you so much Kelli and Daniel for being a savior in this stressful time! (P.S. those are the same leggings :D)