HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountibility Group July 2nd

Good morning/midday/afternoon/evening/night!

How is everyone's day going? Or if your day is ending how did it go? Anything new happen? I hope you all are well and staying postive.

I don't have a quote today. I decided to more a perspective kind of thing if you will. I'm someone who's straightforward and am always honest and tell the truth regardless of whether it hurts someone or not. I feel like people need to hear the truth. You guys would be surprised (or not) at how many people in the world (I mainly see this in women) would rather be lied to than hear the truth. That's stupid because you get mad regardless either way because you were lied to or don't like the truth. Some people have told me that it's better you stay quiet than admit the truth, you'll lose people that way. Anytime I hear that I can't help but wonder, "If I do lose that person or people, is that really my fault or do they just have a problem?" Anyone else with that same mentality?

What do you guys think about the actual right thing to do is: Would you rather tell the truth and nothing but the truth even if someone is hurt by it? Would you lie instead because you know the truth will hurt them but face the consequences later when they find out you lied? Or would you rather not say anything to "not hurt anyone's feelings"? If you ask me either way someone is going to get hurt because there people who make no sense and just can't handle things. I'm team "Tell the truth and be done with it". I don't want to lie to people especially people I care about plus lying hurts way more. Not saying anything hurts too especially when you know something but just let it happen. This is quite the thing to talk about.

Alright! Workouts! Workouts! Workouts! Rest days! Rest days! Rest days! Food! Food! Food! I'm sure all that yelling is self-explanatory right? 😂Tell me about ALL of it! In all honesty I still couldn't do my workout yesterday. At some point I thought to myself maybe I should take a fee days off but my stubbornness is kicking in telling me, "No! Finish the challenge! You have FB Flex to do next week. Do you know how annoying it is to keep rescheduling? 😑" Ugh...we've all been there right?

Okay riddle of the day! Can you write the word cow in 13 letters? Answer in the comments! 😁

- Christmene