Did a 1,000 Calorie Workout!

Completed the most recent 1,000 calorie challenge! I have never completed this long of a workout before and I was definitely hesitant in doing it. I wasn't sure If I would have a block of time long enough or just be able to do it. I got this idea from this community so thank you!

I had scheduled it for last Saturday but kept delating and doing another workout instead. Then today (Wednesday) I finally decided to do it and tell myself I can always just do half if I do not have enough time and do the other half later. I think allowing myself to have the option to not finish in one go and the workout was still legitimate helped me to start.

I then did have enough time and was able to finish! I found that the HIIT was brutal and usually an ab workout is really difficult for me and I usually have to take breaks. I was able to go the full length of each exercise!

In all, I loved this workout. My tip would be just to let yourself know it's ok to split the workout up if need be and it still means you finished. And who knows you might just end up finishing it in one go anyway!