One Month Process

Hi everyone!!!

Last month my daughter and I took our measurements and weight. We wanted to keep track of our journey. Last month was crazy for us so we didn't get to work out every day. We watched what we ate and drank plenty of water,

I had set some baby goals for myself. Lose 5 lbs and 10 inches. I put on 5.5 lbs but lost 8.5 inches. Not sure how to feel about gaining 5.5 lbs but I am ecstatic about losing 8.5 inches.

I did notice over the weekend my jeans are starting to fall off me a bit, My shirts are fitting different as well. :) One of my favorite Snoopy shirts was fitting tight, I put it on recently and the shock I was in when it was fitting loose.

My goals for this month are to lose 5 lbs and hope to lose a total of 10 inches.

Have a good night everyone and happy July!