FBFit Round 2 -Week 7 - Check-In

Hello FB-Family,

with a weak start into week 7, I did it and so I can share my thoughts on it with you!

Day 43

52 min Cardio and Strength + extra credit brutal anaerobic treshold HIIT 14min

Last Monday, I struggled because of my blood donation (I supposed), but this monday, I had a weak start again. I had stomache ache and really struggled to complete this one. The Stength routine is really nice ( it was already in Fit2) but I just did it without any motivation, without power and listless. The HIIT wasn't as brutal as thought, altough on this day, everything was hard for me. Because of my condition, I can't really give my (neutral) opinion on this day

Day 44

40min Upper Body for people who get bored easily + 7min upper body workout extra credit

The main workout was already done during FIT2, and I liked it this time even more than the first time. I pushed myself and used more weight on some exercises. The extra credit was ok, I didn't like the side push-ups. I hate strength exercises without weight (bicep curls for example) but I hadn't any strength to do them with weigth after the main workout.

Day 45

45 min HIIT Cardio and Abs + extra credit 10min Butt and Thighs

The main workout was alright. I still don't know if I like this structure (first abs strength then HIIT). I felt very weak during the whole routine and this didn't motivate me that much. The extra credit is well-known and not my favourite, but it was a nice add-on.

Day 46

62min Strong and Lean Day 2

I loved it. Oh my, I loved it so much. I was so motivated. I used a ton of weight and overall it was so nice! The structure is super cool, the burnout round does really burn you out and it is so much fun. Time flew by with this one!

Day 47

36 min Butt and Thigh strength + HIIT Cardio and Abs 16min+ cool down 6 min

The strength wasn't my cup of tea. The structure and the exercises were nice but I struggled to understand what Kelli is doing. It's like she wasn't explaining like usual. Don't know if it was just me or if it was really different this time. However, by the end, my glutes were burning and the HIIT was intense. I wouldn't call it HIIT though, more like Cardio

I didn't do the optional rest day stretch because 1. no time and 2. I don't like Fitnessblender's stretching routines (the ones over 15min). They are too slow paced for me and I get bored.

All in one I didn't love week 7, but it wasn't the worst. I'm noticing some changes in my strength and I'm looking forward to completing week 8, my PFT and my before-after-pictures :D

Stay safe!