Another late night "Workout"


Ah. 1:40 AM and Tears For Fears is on. David Bowie just wound down, and before that things got kicked off Weird Al of all things. I mean. He counts as 80's music. Shush.

Already danced a couple of times. Well? No. I don't dance. Another reason I'm single - I have no moves, at least not the kind that are suitable for a loving and wholesome environment. I blame HEMA clubs. I could explain what that even is but I'll save that for if someone asks. This is about, uh, working out. Dancing counts, FB! I mean honestly I just like talking to you folk about random stuff.

So now Earth, Wind, and Fire is on. I'll follow it up with Queen and Aerosmith. I'm not sure which tracks yet. Possibly Jaded and The Great Pretender. Both a bit sad but fun to dance to. Wait, I'm inserting some Steppenwolf into that list. So! Who's dancing with me and what are we dancing to?