Only working out will typically not help weight loss

I really enjoy the content provided by the Fitness Blender team and I have purchased and completed several programs and continue to do so. However, a lot of people in the community seem to believe that following these programs will make them lose weight and get disappointed when they're not. Losing weight is all about energy deficit. Working out makes you spend more energy which is helpful. On the other hand it will also most likely boost your appetite for food making your energy intake higher. In most cases the net effect is zero. To lose weight you typically aim to daily spend around 500 kcal more energy than you eat, which will result in about a pound (or half a kilo) loss per week. This is really hard unless you are very disciplined and aware of your eating habits and the calories associated with it. Eating as usual and just adding workout won't do the trick unless you are really taking it to the extreme. Working out helps maintaining muscle mass while losing weight but the actual losing of weight is more likely to be an effect of eating less than working out more. Importantly though, there are so many benefits of working out. You will be healthier, stronger and most likely feel alot better with or without weight loss. However, if weight loss is a priority, the key is to observe a strict discipline when it comes to the energy intake i.e primarily how much (and what) you eat and drink. It's simple math. There is no way around it. On a positive note, personally, once I became aware of the fundamental principles outlined above, and kept track of what I was eating, I found it much easier to maintain a healthy diet while working out simply because I didn't want to spoil the effort that I put into doing the workouts. I am currently at about 20 kilos (40 pounds) below my top weight and intend to stay there. Best of luck to all of you!