So today marks day #60 of my lifestyle change ... and the completion of my second FB Program 😁

I have shed almost 30 pounds since my ICU hospitalization in April 2020 (I would say I lost that weight, but I do not want to find it again)!

While the weight loss, and compliments, are nice, I have also gained health, strength, endurance, and a new-found respect for myself. My depression and anxiety are almost nonexistent as well.

I did have a bit of a difficult night, as I am missing mom. Sometimes you just need your mother’s advice... and love! She was also my medical advocate (registered nurse for 35+ years).

Next Tuesday’s CT scan will determine whether or not I may pursue possible bilateral lung transplant. I am a bit apprehensive as to what will be revealed, but I know the Lord has a plan for me 💕

Dad also has an upcoming CT scan with laboratory work, to determine the status of his pancreatic cancer (3+ years in remission).

Even through it all, I am truly blessed 💕

Please let me know if you have any prayer requests 🙂