6 weeks without proper workouts...I'm going crazy

Hi everyone!

So I had a minor leg injury about 6 weeks ago (pushed myself too hard during FBSweat and didn't let my body recover...stupid, stupid idea), it started with the hamstring but then for various reasons it kept coming and going in different leg muscles, if not all of them together.

I've been going to the physiotherapist to get treated, stopped leg workouts for two/three weeks (just walked, stretched and foam rolled) and focused on arms and abs.

Of course I basically had to drop all cardio, besides some sitting stuff, which however doesn't get your heart rate up as much as a good hiit workout.

It's been AGES and I still am only able to do some pilates. I feel I have lost all of my cardio resistance (like, I walk up the stairs too quickly and I end up panting. And I'm 21 and used to do lots of hiit and running) and I am just DYING to get back to my heavy lifting.

I am slowly going crazy. Working out was one of the things that allowed me to clear my mind from all the problems around me and now I can't even enjoy that because I either can't workout or if I can I have to be super extra careful with my legs.

It just feels like these damn legs will never heal and I really need to feel that post-fb-booty-destroying-workout feeling.

Has it ever happend to you, too, guys? I know Kelli had to stop working out for about 8 weeks, too, I read the articles about it and setbacks and all. What about you? How did you cope?