How was your june??


Another month is over. How did you do this month? I had another consistent month of working out. I think next month will have less checkmarks because our summer holiday starts in july.

Last month I read a few posts of people that felt bad/selfconsious about posting their month because they had "only" 10 workouts checked. This post is not to make you feel bad. It is to make you feel proud of what you did for yourself. Showing up for yourself once a week or 7 times a week, it is all the same if you are doing what works for you..

Like K&D keep telling us: we are all different. Do what works for you.

So: how was your month? Did you enjoy your workouts? Did you do a program or schedule your own workouts? What are you working on? Building a routine, specific fitnessgoals..

I did FBAbs this month and just started FB30 r4.

If you feel like you could have had more checkmarks, but have a hard time finding motivation, there are daily and weekly check in posts where people will help you.

If you worked hard and did all you could: awesome job! Keep at it. And of course join the checkins if you want to :)

Hope you all have a great july.