2 workouts a day-good or bad idea?


Hey guys! So I have both FB Fit programs (rounds 1 and 2.) I've just been doing those for the past couple of years, alternating between them. Well I got a Fitbit for Christmas, and in March I discovered Fitbit coach, which gives you a custom workout to do every day. I really liked the idea of getting in more physical activity each day, especially since my school sports seasons had been canceled due to the lockdown. I did'n want to part ways with Fitness Blender either. So for the past 3.5 months, I have been doing two workouts a day. The only exception is when Fitness Blender gives me a stretching day as part of their program (I skip over the day in the program once a week where nothing is provided.) I think my fitness has really improved since I started the two workouts a day, whereas having done only the FB Fit programs for two years I was just at a standstill. When I first got my Fitbit, my resting heart rate was 61. It went down to 43 by the beginning of January. However, when I started doing two workouts a day, it increased and is now 55. Besides the two workouts, I still live a very active lifestyle, including lots of running, basketball, and hiking with my family. This past Saturday I actually burned 3,506 calories and I am only a 112 lb female (This is not normal for me, however, my average is 2,510 calories a day. )It sounds like a ton, I know, but I just think of Olympic athletes and marathon runners and how much they have to train (Olympic swimmers eat 10,000 calories a day!), and then it doesn't feel like it's that much anymore in comparison, So what is your all's opinion? I know over-exercising can be a big concern for some, but I feel fine, not fatigued, plus I love cooking and baking so getting to eat more is a big plus, lol. Thank you guys so much!