👻 Daily checkin Saturday 27-6

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, good Saturday lovely Blenderbuddies, Blendfriends, fabulous FB family!!! (I hope I have covered every one and all the corners of the world. My turn to 👻.... excited and getting a major brain workout here (what do I write 🤔, how do I write 🤔, how do I link 🤔🤪🤪🤪)! Anyway from brain workout to: you’ve guessed it:

Your workout: what’s on your calendar today? An intense hitt, a relaxing rest, a strong lifting session, a cardio fix? Whatever it is, let me know. I started my day off with a total body Gardenblender session in the rain....For the two neighbours who join in, this was their first time working out in the rain, getting soaking wet, earning themselves the “hardcore Gardenblender 💪💪💪💪💪” certificate! Doing reverse crunches on wet grass and single leg stand up from wet benches makes that title certainly truly deserved! And it tested my improvisation skills as the ink on my paper started running as soon as we started. After a hearty breakfast hubby and me cycled off to a warehouse about 6k from here: Goodgym mission to help unload boxes from a van for a charity that sorts and organises all second hand stuff before it is distributed to the various local second hand shops. Then the cycle back with wind against: nice and sweaty when I got home! And ravenous, of course.... so here we are going on to:

Your food: what’s going to be on your plates or in your bowls or in your hands today? Something easy? Something elaborate? Maybe even a takeaway? I just devoured a big piece of leftover cold leek and mushroom pie! Loved it. Dinner tonight: hubby’s turn to cook. I think he mentioned steak, veggies and chips. And of course, as it is Saturday, wine!!! Do you drink wine with meals? If so, how often? We only drink wine at the weekend! What about you and your weekend meals?

Anyway: Serious Saturday Subject....

it was Esther’s post with that beautiful evening yoga picture as well as reading some other people’s post: body awareness and (not) loving your own body. I must admit that recently I have been guilty of being on the negative side: looking at myself in the mirror and thinking negative thoughts about what my tummy looks like. So I have now decided that for every time I look in the mirror and think a negative thought I have to stress something positive about myself and this week one of the things I loved, looking at myself in the mirror, was (believe it or not) my WILD bunch of unruly curls! And my legs, I am happy with those! So here goes: what would be the positive thought about your body that you want to stress to counteract any negative feelings about your body? Really looking forward to your positive self-awareness thoughts!

And one last thing: my photo! It shows amazingly beautiful poppies in a field on our walk last Sunday. No informative facts or details other than they are my favourite wild flower. What can beat a field of poppies in the summer sunshine?! Bliss surely!

That’s it, let’s hear it from you now!