Measurement expectations

Happy Saturday all, hope you’re all well.

This is a bit of a random question and I suspect very individual so their probably isn’t a definitive answer but I’ll ask it anyway.....

So, I don’t weight myself, it’s really not good for me! What I do do before and after each programme is measure my waist, hips and thigh....if you’re eating “mindfully” and completing the programs to full capacity how many cms is roughly a good amount to lose to show decent/steady progress?

I do before and after pics as well but in all honestly can’t always see the differences. I’m on the 3rd week of strong (Going to do sweat next) and think I have lost roughly 2cm so far but I’m also conscious that measuring isn’t exact and I may be measuring in a different place each time!! 😂

Just wanted to know roughly what other people hoped for/expected/experienced....it feels like very slow progress for me but I’m used to dieting to an unhealthy degree and seeing much faster (albeit unhealthier and far less sustainable) results.

Just needing a motivation boost I think!

Thanks all.