Daily Check-in: Thursday, June 25th

Alright, everyone. What is going on right here, right now on this Thurs of a day? There's a dash of blue, generic background greenery and a Crape Myrtle crinkly waving/widely smiling at us to help get us started with whatever is going on. Because looking at flowers always helps. Plain and simple fact.

So are we feeling energized and ready to go about the workouts (or rest if needed) for today? It's the penultimate day for me to Sweat and I for one am thrilled it is a low impact recovery day. I'm going to take it all the easy and be ready for the 1000 calorie workout on Friday. Michele and Magda and have been scheduling to tackle these beasts every month and this month is the latest 1k workout for 6 million subs! So I'll be playing hooky from Sweat to try my hand, and arms and legs and abs and pretty much everything at burning a 1000 calories. And just in case you want to as well, here is the post from Michele: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/20508/quick-reminder-1000-calorie-workout

But what is on your workout plate today? Remember to take the workouts at your own pace and try to enjoy every bite of the movement. No sense in killing yourself and making those workouts something to endure. Yes, challenge yourself, but don't commit workout suicide. You just keep showing up, enjoy that burn, pushing a little at a time and suddenly you will be doing things you never though you could when you started. That's always an amazing feeling.

Amazing feelings also exist when it comes to food, so what are the foodie feels today? It was so hot yesterday and I was feeling like a lazy baked potato, so I canceled using the stove and went with turkey salad sandwiches. I swear my appetite changes depending on the weather. So I will try to eat yesterday's plan tonight, but how about you guys? Hope you have some foods that help you stay cool and stay warm!

One more thing before I belt out the goodbyes; As far as ghosting (guest hosting) goes, this weekend is suppose to be Lea's turn. Lea, haven't seen you in the check-in or around the forum, so I hope you are okay and nothing is wrong. Let me know if I need to change the schedule, find another ghost or really and most importantly that you are okay and out loving life like you do.

And if anyone has an interested in guest hosting the weekend check-ins, as always, let me know. Nothing required other than a desire to do so.. I'll keep asking as someone might always see and want to volunteer. No pressure!

Okay, another day and full of chances and many ways to get it right. Or if it's one of those days where nothing is going right, I feel you. Sometimes it does seem like the day is out to get you. Not the next door neighbor, not the cat. This day is after you. Those are the days you have to breathe deep and get through any way you can, maybe even fight back. But all my rambling aside, I do hope you are more on the good side of this Friday Eve! So have a good day! Those wishes can help too. :)