Weight fluctuations, ice cream and mosquitos

I am a person who steps every morning onto a scale. I now scales don't tell everything, it is just a habit and it doesn't drive me crazy.

My last few days looked like this

69,4 kg

69 kg

69,4 kg

69,1 kg

68,3 kg

So, I decided to reward me with some ice cream, :D It was so nice, I really enjoyed it and I deserved it. The last 2,5 half weeks I ate just one chocolate bar.

While I am writing this mosquitos are attacking me. It is so awfull this year. No cold winter, no decimation of these blood suckers. I stoped counting how many I killed and how many bit me. I hate them, I really do and it is so satisfying to smash them. I feel like Hulk. :D

Hope you all enjoy the summer with a lot of ice cream and no blood suckers,