Daily Check-in: Wednesday, June 24th

Hey there, FB Fam! Welcome all times of the day to you on this Wednesday. The flower looking out into the world is one of those coreopsis/tickseeds we've still got popping up around here. Instead of facing this flower head on, I've approached #WildflowerWednesday from a different angle. I could say how this different angle of looking at something provides a fresh perspective... Or this was simply a way to recycle a flower you've seen before. But not from behind, right? Totally changes things.

So what workouts are in front or possibly behind you for today? I am super sore from that kickboxing I (and some of us) did yesterday! It's that special upper back soreness that kickboxing really never fails to deliver. So day 24 of Sweat says we are doing some bored easily HIIT and a 10 minute lower body strength session for the EC. We are so close to being done! How are you doing my Sweat-ers? Different days, don't matter. We can always relate on some level of the huff and puff because it's always sweat o' clock somewhere...hm, that sounds so much less appealing than covertly suggesting a drink.^^

Drinks aside, let's just talk about our food today. I've been eating better so far this week and have felt more satisfied! More protein, more legumes and real food calories seemed to help. Or the tacos last night were really good. It may be too early to tell, but I'll take it. Still have to work on that extra credit eating after dinner. But hey, just making sure I don't go to bed hungry.😏 ..I think tonight will be some barley, collard greens, and a third thing yet to be determined. Let's just call it chicken. What about you guys? What's sizzlin' in the kitchen? Real or imaginary, cook up a sweet dream for us!

Okay, it's time for me to head on out into the world that this flower gazes upon. And similar to how these yellow gems keep showing up as little determined reminders and examples of what's beautiful, here's my little sporadic semi constant reminder of how amazingly beautiful you guys are. Thank you again for showing up and sharing. I hope you all have a wonderful day. The very fact your in it makes that possible.