FB Plus Evolution

Fitness Blender Family,

As you remember, when we launched FB Plus back in October 2019, we rolled out an “Early Access” version, so you could get a taste of what we had in mind. We then spent the next several months, slowly testing, getting feedback, and listening to suggestions—thank you Beta Blenders!

Well, FB Plus has continued to grow and evolve, and now has a much fuller set of features, tools, and content, including:

  • Ads-Free Website and Videos
  • "Surprise Me" Workout Selection Tool
  • Statistics for Your Activities
  • Ability to Enter and Track Custom Workouts
  • Trackers to See Your Progress
  • Exclusive Workouts
  • Exclusive Workout Challenges
  • Ability to See Workout History and Take Notes on Individual Workouts
  • Additional Video Filters for More Refinement

For those of you who are FB Plus members, what do you like the most (so far)? What would you like to see next?

For those of you who are not members yet, you might want to consider signing up for our free, one-week trial, so you can access FB Plus and take it for a test drive. If not, you can continue to enjoy all of the free content and features we’ve always offered (and are adding to at the same time we’re making additions to FB Plus!).

We are far from done when it comes to creating new content and functionality, free and FB Plus, so keep the great ideas coming.