My previously secret nighttime "workouts"


This is a FB Community exclusive right here. I'd tell you to alert the press but that would defeat the purpose of the... exclusivity.

1 AM rolls around. Yes, I'm still awake. I'm a single 25 year old man and I exercise my rebellious youth by making poor sleep management choices. So anyway this when I start calming down, or attempting to.

But then something happens which erases any and all thought of calm serenity from my mind - Journey comes on my music mix. So commences the first of my secret mini workouts as I dance like a teenage girl to Don't Stop Believing because I have no shame and even less inhibitions. Shortly after this song is proceeded by Bon Jovi's Livin' on a prayer, and after that some Phil Collins comes on and chills me down a little.

After that comes Queen, and Freddie Mercury gets me to my feet again with The Great Pretender, Somebody to love, The Show Must Go On, and Don't Stop Me Now. Then Eddie Money rolls around, follwed probably by some David Bowie, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra, and then Shaman's Harvest rolls in with the hard southern rock.

So by this point in time, it's probably 2 AM or a bit extra. So I sit down and decide it's time to calm everything down with a round of Neil Diamond and Harry Chapin. And thus ends another of my previously secret nocturnal workouts.

So, anybody else sneak in some extra exercise with some sneaky dance moves when nobody is looking?