Another VICTORY over debilitating anxiety!


University project deadlines are upcoming and, although I’m working my butt off and keeping good pace, last night I started to feel overwhelmed and fear started to creep up. I didn’t sleep well and when I woke up I was not in a strong mindset to workout. Then, something amazing started to happen. Another part of my brain, the part I’ve been working to develop to handle stress better and silence the irrational fear monkey that starts clamoring away whenever I feel overwhelmed, began to silence the monkey! Without my having to put in effort. The new habit of thinking just started to take over. And I spoke out loud, “Everything will be okay. Just get through the workout for today and you’ll get to work right after. But, you know that you need to workout. I changed and sweated it out and later when I sat down to work, my mind had such CLARITY! I worked through a portion of my project with which I’d been struggling, with such ease and ended my work session so light and free and hopeful. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE telling those voices and fears to SHUT UP. Replace them with affirmations. My “voice” was so weak when I started trying to replace my toxic thoughts. Now, they are popping of their own volition! 😃