Catching up can be fun 😊


I was supposed to do yesterday's Bodyweight Cardio video this morning, and today's Strength Training video this afternoon. That would bring me up to date for this second week of the Abs Program.

But I haven't used my treadmill all winter (blood pressure issue that is finally under control), and I really, really wanted to do my HIIT for treadmill thing. So I opted for the treadmill. Glad to say it was tough But I made it to the end!

This afternoon's video was tough too and I could only do one set of each exercise in the second portion of the video...instead of AB/AB I did A and B. That was enough!

Tomorrow's supposed to be Bodyweight again and Friday is Core Intense so I'll switch those around so as not to do cardio two days in a row. Flexibility is a good thing, even in scheduling! 😉