Long stretching routines

Dear Kelli and Daniel, dear all,

I have really hesitated about whether to write this, because I am scared it is going to sound like criticism, while nothing could be farther from my intentions! 😊

So: first of all, GO GO GO FitnessBlender! What a family and thank you FB a million times, since you have completely changed my approach to health and wellbeing. I was a fluffy blob who spent all my time reading and now I LOOK FORWARD to my workouts. I mean that this post comes with my utter respect and love.

And now for the trickier part: since you guys always read us and are always listening, I felt that I needed to share something that has puzzled me a bit lately. I have the feeling that the pool of workouts regarding cardio and strength is great, but a bit less so when it comes to stretching routines (for recovery days, for instance). I personally love the longer ones, but I feel I always end up doing one of the 3-day challenge from Kelli, the stretches for better sleep of Daniel, or three other long ones from Kelli. So, don´t get me wrong, a pool of 7 great videos is more than enough!

But, but, but… As for ideas for new videos, maybe throw in a couple more? 😊

Whatever you do next: thank you! I start FB FIT 2 tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited! Best wishes,