Day 1... and I think we didn't buy enough food!!!

So, my husband and I decided to start FB Meal plan, and within this one day we already ran out of greek yogurt (which we never eat, so we bought too little, you guys can probably see that teeny little tub in the background!) I didn't realize that the weekly grocery lists were probably only meant for one person... We will have to run to the store to buy greek yogurt, eggs, etc. before the week is out.

Also, there is more food not pictured here and I STILL think we will end up buying more! I don't think we have ever eaten this frequently each day! LOL. Honestly, it probably feels like a ton of food because we are used to eating grab-n-go type stuff from the pantry or freezer and not used to having real food in the house.

Sooo... Anyone have shopping suggestions for 2 people on this plan? I'm doing the 1600 cal plan and hubby is doing the 3200. Should I just double everything on the list??