Always coming back to Fitnessblender

Does anyone else also always come back to FitnessBlender to work out? For example, the last few times that I worked out, I tried and watched some other workouts on YouTube, but I know my next workout will be with Fitnessblender again. Somehow Daniel and Kelli can motivate me to have fun while moving in a way that nearly no other Fitness-YouTuber can. Also I always seem to find the perfect workout with the perfect amount of time here. In other workouts I often find the intervals too long, the music too annoying, the workouts too short or something else is not that great, but when I come here, I nearly always find something I enjoy. Plus I really like this community, because it feels like there are a lot of people here who actually care for the long mental and physical journey and not just to get the biggest butt. Anyone else feel like that?