Daily Check-in: Monday, June 15th

Hey there! How are you all doing? How was your weekend? I'm walking into this with check-in with a purple mood, given I have a Spurred Butterfly-Pea here to perk things up. It's basically kinda of a butterfly shaped landing strip pit stop for bees, butterflies and other insects to grab some nectar. The blooms only last for half a day, so it was nice to finally find a flower that hadn't already looked like it suffered a terrible week. This one has its Monday face on and ready to go!

So let's just do the check-in dance, starting with these slick and smart moves featured in your workouts today. I'm going into week 3 of Sweat with a fresh determination and energy, knowing I'm not alone because I have a little motivating help from some of my FB friends. It's a bodyweight HIIT and some LB strength for the EC. Sounds like another sweaty day. But what does your workouts and rest look like today? From finding new favorites or loving some oldies and bad dancing through water breaks all the way, let's have some questionable fun!

Another questionable aspect of your day; the food. What's for dinner? I'm going to serve something up other than no clue, I swear! It's no friggin clue which is way more fancy. Okay, I stop being not serious. Dinner will probably be something with spinach. Or burgers. Maybe both. There. You got something out of me. Well, I know it will be food! I hope you've got something tasty and healthy and more specific than me today! I blame Monday.


Mondane. Mondaze.


Eh, I'll just put happy in front of it, wish for the best and call it a day. And for everyone reading this on a Tuesday, well, nevermind. My points are rarely sharp.