Weekly goals june 15th- june 22nd

Almost summer here on the northern hemisphere and it is noticable. I am not complaining though, it means barbecue weather and hanging out outside.

I met some of my goals this week.. and 1 I crushed..

I know I won't be able to make my step goal each day, but I would like my weekly average to be at least my daily goal (8000): crushed it. Only 1 day that I did not make it.. I was quite surprised..

Do the EC as often as possible: did 1 of 2. I had no time for it on thursday..

Get back on the intuitive eating, I have been slacking a bit and since "abs are made in the kitchen" I should work on that while I give ABS my all... yeah, uhm, sort of.. We were invited to 2 barbecues this weekend.. I did not completely stuff my face, but it could have been a bit more intuitive. We had a nice time though..

Mentally today is a weird day. I keep thinking that for all the working out and walking that I do, I should look better/more slim. Which is not a helpfull thought and I know I need to be patient and mind my eating a bit more. I have not experienced this in a while. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

This weeks goals:

Mind the food: intuitive eating and more veggies/fruit.

8000 steps per day on average throughout the week.

That is it for this week. I know I am doing fine in the fitnessdepartment. If I want to see change, I need to eat better.