The scale is a 2 month progress pics

So this is just really my before and during because I still have goals to meet. Today is my 2 month mark and honestly, if I hadn’t taken pictures or measurements I most likely would’ve been disappointed with my weight loss (because that’s how I used to think). I’ve only lost 5 pounds between 4/14/20 and today 6/14/20 BUT I’ve lost an 1.5 inches on my hips and an inch on my waist. These picture really show the difference of just being consistent. I do about 5 work outs a week..(sometimes 4) of about 40-60 minutes. I haven’t done any programs, just whatever I choose as long as I have 2 leg days, 2 arm and core days and add some brief HIIT (maybe 20 min here and there). I do track my calories but I don’t beat myself up If I go over and I’ve had complete slip up days as well. I’m just trying to do something different and sustainable. I’ve done crazy restrictive diets in the past (no thanks!), gluten free, etc and it’s just not for me. I just eat healthy and hold myself accountable for what I put into my mouth..

I really want to thank this community for sharing their before and after pics and stories. It’s been super motivating for me when I wasn’t feeling so motivated and pushes me to go further. 4 years ago I got into the best shape of my life by using fitness blender..mainly just strength training. I had 2 very debilitating back injuries (Back sprain with nerve damage and then herniated my L5/S1 deadlifting). I went through up etc. I’ve realized now I just need to be slow and steady and really listen to my body. Fitness is a journey and I’m on it for me.