Weekend Check- In: Sunday, June 14

Hello hello there beautiful people! Happy Sunday!

How's it going?

We're about to end a week and start a brand new one. This is actually the root of life. Every time we end something, it's a start for something new. There's no going back but we can always bring good energy into our new beginnings. Even if the new beginning is the bad one, there's always an end to it and always another new one🙂

Today's picture is all about a fruit. The name is Fruit, Star Fruit😉. It's also called Carambola (sciency name). The top pic is from our tree (I promise I'll get out of my backyard next time😁😁). It's blooming and if you could see there's a baby in that back and also a friendly bee is partying all by itself😍. The bottom pic is a ripe one from google image. A medium size star fruit has 28 cal, 121 mg K, 6 g carb and ample amount of vit C, %52! Nutritious and very juicy and delicious. The photo section got way too long, sorry🤯.

Let's talk about our calendars and what activities they have for us today. I don't have anything on mine today. I'm resting🤗. But what about you?

And what's cooking? What delicious smell coming out of your kitchens, backyards or a restaurant?! Ours is coming from backyard. My hubby is bq ing for us. I hope you enjoy your all PA/rests and your foods/drinks today and share it with us.

Thank you so much for coming over and have a chat with us in Daily Check-In room!

Take care guys! Give some smile and soak up others' when they give you one😊💕🌺🍷☕