🌞S.S.F.🏖 Week 7 Check-In (June 14th-20th!)

So sorry for the late post! I dozed off in the middle of writing this 😬

I feel like I say this every time, but can you believe that we are very nearly to the end of our time together? I cannot. June is both dragging and flying by! I just finished week 2 of Sweat. It's kicking my butt pretty well so far. This past week was mostly cardio/HIIT, but it looks like there's much more strength training this upcoming week.

Non-program related, I had some technical difficulties all week with work, and was feeling physically + mentally tired for most of it as well. I took naps/went to bed early as often as possible, but the fatigue and hormone induced mood swings (good ol' PMS) still reared their ugly heads. How was everyone else's week? Program/workout related or not, tell us the good, the bad and the ugly!

I don't have very many profound thoughts today (lucky for you!). However, many of us have been inundated with much more negative and/or troubling news lately. As this cute little doggo suggests, what's one thing that you're happy about or grateful for? It can be anything (work or personal life, NSV, fitness goal achieved, etc), and isn't limited to the past week. I'm thankful for 🍫 😂

Looking forward to reading your responses and seeing how y'all's weeks have been!

If you're just passing through/lurking, helloo and have a good week! :-D