Weekend Check-In: Saturday, June 13

Hiii my lovely Blendfriends! How's everyone? I hope you're feeling great and if not, you find a way to be later.

Here I am holding the key to this cozy , awesome room aka Daily Check-In. Please come in and grab a seat. Let's chat a little. Shall we?!

I do have a picture for you, again from our backyard. These showy flowers found their way here from our neighbor's. Googling, found that they're called Passiflora Incarnata. They tend to twist around fences and other plants and attract bees and beautiful butterfly. Enjoy😊

So, how we're moving today? Let's talk about what we're here originally. Fitness! Today is an active recovery for me that is still waiting. How about you? Share your sweaty or non-sweaty experience with us if you like to. Always motivating to hear about others 🏋‍♀️🚴🤸‍♂️🏊🏻‍♀

And the delicious part is always waiting for us after we move. I'm planning a traditional beef stew with white rice. And we love to hear about your bites as well. It's so appetiting to see your food tables😋

Ok guys, I'm gonna let you go to do your Saturday. I hope you have a beautiful one🤗

Take care and I'll see you guys tomorrow💛