Community challenge? Balance, coordination, functional strength and flexibility

Hi Blendfriends!

Would anyone be interested in a community challenge focused on balance, coordination, functional strength and flexibility? A couple weeks ago, I posted a 2-week challenge that I had put together and Kristina suggested we could make it a community challenge. This sounds like a fabulous idea and I would love to try this out with some of you, if you feel like joining.

I'll be starting on Monday (the 15th) but feel free to join in any time, even if it's just for a day or two, or if you're interested but can't join now, you could always save the schedule and try it at another time.

Also if you'd like to try it out, but something isn't right for you, modify, swap videos, etc. The point is to have fun!

Here is the original post:

I modified a couple of things since then so I'll repost the schedule in the comments below.

The workout length each day is quite long if you include all videos, but the idea is that there's generally 1 main video, to which you would have to add a warm up and a cool down if they're not included. You're free to choose shorter options then the ones listed, especially if you don't care about the flexibility aspect.

The rest of the videos (which were all chosen because they seem to be somewhat challenging as far as balance, coordination and bodily control are concerned) is basically extra cardio/hiit/core work that you can just skip if you want, and the videos listed as extra credits are usually meant as burn out rounds, if you feel like the targeted muscles can take a little more.

So it should be easy to adjust.

I hope some of you will want to join me. Let me know what you think. If you want to join in, I'll make a post every day with the workouts planned so that we can check in with each other. Otherwise I can let you know how it went when I'm done in case you want to give it a try later on. 😉

Sorry for the super short notice. I was debating whether I was going to take a week break or not, and could not make my mind up until today...

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your workout or your rest! 😊