When More is Not Always Better

You’ve heard us say this before, but it bears repeating (sometimes often!) that more is not always better when it comes to working out.

The last thing any of us want, of course, is to be sidelined due to an injury or simple fatigue because you worked out too hard or too often. It can be a real motivation killer.

So, taking the time to figure out what works for you, constantly listening to your body, and learning when it may be best to take a break instead of pushing through is key to making exercise a manageable, sustainable, and even an enjoyable part of your life.

We will continue to remind you of these things often, and are thrilled that our Fitness Blender family is such a great resource for motivation and encouragement along these lines too. No judgement, no hyper-intensity, no calling people out...just good, solid, genuine support.

You all are the best! Seriously. The best.

Happy weekend, everyone!