HKS (Healthy, Kind and Support) Accountability Group June 12

Hey all,

I haven't ever started any accountability group post. But usually by this time, either Storm or Esther or someone else posts HKS check-in so I thought might as well try 🙂

Here's a quote that's as a magnet on my fridge "The future is always beginning now ~ Mark Strand". I guess it obliges us to always acknowledge the present, be grateful for it and make the most of it!

It was Abs 2 Day 19 Brutal HIIT + Total body workout for me today.

And as my name goes, I am toasted 😁 Also one of my favorite workouts, safe to say I like being miserable (good miserable after workouts 🤣)

It's been raining here, and as a studio Ghibli fangirl I might watch a movie tonight.

How's everyone doing? And I hope you all have a fine start to this weekend 🍕🏠🎉