Dance workouts!


Hello there!

This message is just for anyone like me who likes to exercise but is also really fond of dancing. I use Fitness Blender for pretty much everything exercise related, but occasionally I like to mix it up by doing a cardio dance workout. I'm sure there are a lot of rotten ones out there but there are two videos I'd love to share for anyone else like me who loves dancing but doesn't get much experience:

1. Julianne Hough's cardio dance workout. It goes for about 45 minutes and includes a warm up and cool down! And it's super fun!

2. This is wayyy shorter, but it's a small dance tutorial that really gets the heart pumping! And it's from The Greatest Showman (sorry... musical theatre is a big passion of mine :D)! It's the same choreographers who did the dance for the movie, and they teach you step by step the moves to "This is Me" (exactly what they do in the movie)!