Resting heart rate

Hey guys you know as i did a post the other day about my resting heart rate going up? Well good news its going right back down again yay 😄 i thank you guys for your advice i am drinking more water i realised i was forgetting to drink water in my office job because i am so busy all the time..i was drinking alot of coffee too which was making my heart go crazy and it makes you very dehydrated too!! Ive not drank any coffee for over a week now and its made a huge difference i am not anxious anymore! Also ive been doing kellis breathing exercise before bed and that helps alot and i do yoga too 😄 i feel much better in myself ive also included more fruits in my diet and eating vegetables everyday! Damn i feel so good in myself i am going to keep this up now! I feel so happy 🤩 i hope you lovely people have a great weekend take care!💗💗