Daily Check-in: Friday, June 12th

Well happy Friday, Blendfriends! How is the edge of the weekend looking from your time zone? Not too bad, I hope!

I've got flowers from a Buttonbush to round out the week. These spiky looking cotton balls are intensely sweet smelling, and a real winner for the bees. They enjoy long summer days, hanging out in wet lands under the sun, and are really good listeners. Aren't they all?🌱

I'm listening (with my eyes) to what is going on with you today! What workouts and rest is going to rejuvenate and revitalize (ooh, going through a dictionary here) you on this Friday of a day? Me and my Sweat-ers are on day 12 of FB Sweat. Looks to be another fun one with HIIT and strength. We got this guys! Or even if we don't, I think we've been doing awesome on this program so far. The whole point is to enjoy and challenge yourself and I have personally been doing just that. So what is your challenge, enjoyment or possible NSV during a workout today? Doesn't matter if you are following a program, being independent, a challenge, or whatever. All movement is good movement.

Take it to the food as well. All food is good! It's just that some things are more nutritious than others. Some foods are more delicious for our souls and cravings. It's all fuel, but also it's a balance of figuring out what keeps you feeling satisfied and satiated. Pizza can certainly accomplish all those things, yes? Well, I need a reminder every week to find out.

Alright, that about does it for me. Remember that you have my fellow Floridian Blendfriend, Shabnam to be your awesome ghost to keep these dailys running straight through the weekend. It's been another great week hanging out with you guys, and I will see you back on Monday. But for now, have a great Friday, have an even better weekend and just keep on doing what you do!