Cold walk with Lok + Fitness Blender hoodies & tees


A freezing cold walk with my favorite pooch. I had to peel off 2 coats for just a minute to snap a picture of my new hoodie! This picture is grey on grey on grey because we’ve had only 1-2 sunny days for over 2 months now. 🌧🌧🌧 Normal for a PNW winter but also makes me crave a warm vacation. Where in the world are you & what’s the weather like where you’re at?

You can find Fitness Blender / Workout Complete hoodies, tees, tank tops , posters @

I would LOVE it if you guys shared a pic of yourselves & a note about where ever you are in the world once you get your FB gear. We used #fitnessblender or #FBworldwide last time on social media or there's also this lovely new forum we've got here (PS: NOTIFICATIONS coming soon; all things website are going to continue to get better & better). I really enjoy that in a world that feels full of conflict, everyone shares a common goal here. It reminds me of how alike we all really are, of the shared human experience. Anyways! Back to work for me. Currently writing a new program :)