Daily Check-in: Tuesday, June 9th

Happy hellos and here we goes on this Tuesday. How is everyone feeling? Motivated? Not so motivated? Tired or energized? I'll stop throwing around the dynamically opposite feels and get focused on the check-in at hand, starting with this picture. A big bright yellow flower for you guys.

That's right; Susan has finally come to partay. To be less confusing and weird (hah, not possible) this is a Black-Eyed Susan. You might remember the Tickseed (Coreopsis) yellow flowers that I've shared here before. If not, doesn't really matter; yellow is yellow and the Susan, with it's larger black center and more yellow to go around, is here to spread the brightness and cheer. Flowers are nice like that.

You know what else is nice? You guys. This community. Maybe you thought I was going to talk about workouts or food next and how they are nice. And they are, but you all are next level nice. I'm just dropping a kinda surprise burpee thanks for reading my ramblings these past few months. I do read everyone and appreciate the time you take to talk about your day, and the ghosts that volunteer on weekends.. Now before I get too gushy, let's have an untimely lurk alert! Calling any lurkers, if you are new, been reading for a while, and want to say hi, come on down! This check-in, as I always and will continue to say, is for everyone. A daily spot where we can help keep each other in good company and just hang out and hear about everyone else's day. If you want to say something, go for it. If you want to be somewhere else, go for it. But you always have a place here.

Yes, I'm being quite wordy today. I'm all about making this a taco lot tuesday. And maybe that is the dinner game today? Tacos? Yes please. I think I will use up more black beans, pile on some chicken, veggies and tomatoes and have me some sort of taco-ish theme for dinner. But what about you? Serve up what's going down. And enjoy that food! Life is just plain better with good food.

Now let's dive into some workouts and rest that we have planned for today. It's day 9 of FB Sweat for me and my closet of Sweaters; aka my workout buddies also working through some Sweat. It's kinda of a cardio day, but I know what's coming tomorrow, so I will be sure to keep today nice and light. And whatever your activity during this 30, 50 or whatever minutes of working out, it is your time. How awesome you are carving out time for yourself to ensure feeling good and being healthy. So, with that in mind, enjoy those workouts!

And this all wraps up to basically say with my operative word for today, have a nice day! Or try to.. If there are not so nice moments, give yourself a second to breathe and reset. Don't let the chaotic waves of life pull you under. Just keep on trying, riding more and more waves with each try. And that does sound pretty nice.