A bit different... Before and after children

I was having my post workout shower this morning and having my usual brief arrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moment looking at my stomach, before I told myself to have a word!!

It got me thinking about how pregnancy and childbirth has effected people physically and mentally.

I have a three and four year old and am probably fitter than I have been for a long while... Well at least pre pregnancy no. 1.

I have a naturally small frame and was really active in both pregnancies as I continued working on a farm until my second child was born. I'm still small and to say I spent the last few years of my thirties pregnant, breast feeding or both there isn't a massive difference... I'm just a lot softer around the edges 😂

But I know no matter how much I exercise I will never have back that flat smooth stomach that I just took for granted. Even when I finally loose the last of the excess fat over it I will always be loose, stretch marked and there will always be a slight overhang of my section scars. Usually I'm ok with this.

My rational head gets so annoyed with myself for being vain. My body did something amazing and naturally it had changed. I suspect that part of the difficulty of accepting this is that my life has also drastically changed from what was effectively living my dream to being a housewife (not the plan but hey ho).

My initial fitness goal was to get my old body back and it's taken a good year to realise that this is never going to happen. My new fitness goal is to be the fittest and strongest I can be and do at least one pull up by the end of the year (I'm half the way with a chin up!).

I guess what I was asking is how other people have changed after pregnancy and how they have accepted (or not) those changes.

(Sorry if that was really long!!!)