FB Fit

I am in the middle of my second attempt at Fit. The first time I tried it I got sick after the first week and went back to a lighter routine. After that I leveled up with Sweat followed by Strong followed by a Flex/Booty blend. So, I felt ready to give it another shot. I limped through week three, took an extra day off and then got through week four and am now just wrung our and have noticed extra belly bulge. I just read an interesting article about adrenal fatigue and how if you push your body past it’s limits with intense workouts you can actually gain weight, which is where I am. I have decided not to die on this hill which is tough because I was so excited to tackle this, but it’s clearly too much for me and is doing more harm than good. I’m going to start Low Impact in a few days and give my body a much needed break and get back to loving working out instead of wrecking myself trying to meet a goal that is doing me harm. Bummer. I really wanted that program complete!