Daily Check-in: Monday, June 8th

Well hello there again, my FB Fam! How goes everything Mondaze? Was the weekend recharging and having you ready to go, or do we need to HIIT that snooze button? Whether starting with 5 extra minutes of sleep or that HIIT to boost you up, always keep it doable for you. Every day is a little different, so everyday is a question: Should I go back to bed? Or something like that. 😂

Forgive me; I'm a little tired, but did have more of a leisurely, restful and rainy Sunday, so I do feel ready for a workout starting with the 2nd week of FB Sweat! It's a total body strength and some HIIT for the EC. Sounds good to me! So, how are my Sweat-ers and Sweat mates going into week 2? And how did you enjoy/endure today? Anyone doing Sweat at the moment, whatever day you're on, feel free to check in here and get some Sweat support. We can cry and celebrate all through the program. And obviously if anyone is into a challenge, custom workout or maybe trying the new release (https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/bodyweight-cardio-workout-at-home-cardio-with-no-equipment) drop a comment and talk about the moving that makes us feel flat good.

And then, you know, go into the refueling station and talk about the food that we need to live and help us power through the day. I'm going try something with beans. Not sure what exactly.. For about the millionth time, I'm going to focus on better nutrition and hydration. I feel I'm not doing so well in that department. Not terribly bad, but there is room for improvement, more of some things, less of others. Just some tweaks. I water my plants, but forget to water myself. And standing in a sudden rain shower during a hike yesterday does not count😏

Alright, before the exit, I shall finally talk about the flower in the room. This is a Cypress Vine. It is a thin and delicate looking vine with fernish like leaves and an airy kinda way about it. I found this one softly weaving up one of my bamboo stalks that I keep in a pot. Red flowers are some of my favorite and this is just such such a vivid lipstick red that really brightened my day, so I hope it does for you as well. Plus it's in the shape of a star, so naturally reminding you to be the stars you already are! ..With that little snip of some of some brightness to jump start whenever your Monday is, have those goals locked and loaded, aim for the best day that you can, and fire away! And it's okay that you don't hit the bullseye or even the target. The point is you are aiming in the right direction. :)