Weekly goals june 8th -june 15th

Another week gone. Last week was pretty good because I had my first yogaclass in 11 weeks. It was great and a nice NSV, because the moves came easy. I felt strong.

My goals last week were:

Doing the extra credit for ABS2 when I have the time: I did, I even did the long EC, turning my morning workout into an hour! I never do that. So I was quite pleased :)

I want to walk to work twice this week. It is a nice way to start and end my day, and I am sure to reach my stepgoal that way: only once.. I could only do it on friday and saturday and fridaymorning it was raining and I did not want to start my day at work wet.. I did get in my steps 3/7 days, my average just below 8000 (which is my step goal)

Non-fitness related: no checking my notifications before my workout! Did it..

Did you finish the first week of Sweat Adrienne??

LiLo: did you read every day? And: what did you read? How did your working out goal go?

Christmene, I hope you enjoyed your week of rest and the stretches

Hope you got everything packed Ingeborg and ready for your move. Did you still find time to workout?

As for next week:

I know I won't be able to make my step goal each day, but I would like my weekly average to be at least my daily goal (8000).

Do the EC as often as possible

Get back on the intuitive eating, I have been slacking a bit and since "abs are made in the kitchen" I should work on that while I give ABS my all...

What are your goals for this week?

Alicia! Please let us know how you are doing..