Ahhh the muscle burn!

Today was a lower body pilates day and I did this workout: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/lower-body-pilates-workout-butt-and-thigh-workout

I've surprisingly never done this workout before and I'm glad I found it this week because I love it when K&D workout together. Although it was quite funny how Kelli was a bit passive aggressive to Daniel in the second half.

I have been really enjoying my bodyweight week so far and I've noticed that by taking down the intensity a bit, I've been a little more energised. I've also moved some of my college work schedule around just so I can sleep in a little for the morning because I keep waking up so exhausted. Maybe some early night sleep is needed.

At the very end of the month I have scheduled the 4 million subscriber 1000 calorie workout just to give myself a little challenge. I think I might do this every month as a type of endurance challenge. It's kind of odd to do a 1000 calorie workout in a chilled out month but after that the other two workouts in the week are nice and low impact so it's not too bad.

I hope everyone has a lovely day! :)