If Kelli can do it - I can too!

Hello guys !

I just have to tell you about my workout today.

A little backstory: about 2 weeks ago I fell into a major motivation slump. I hit pause on burn 2 and did just about nothing in regards to exercise. A few days ago I decided, that if I was to take a pause from working out, I could at least work on my mobility and do some stretching. So I scheduled the 3 day flexibility challenge for this week. Then I thought I could add in a little recovery cardio. At the end I designed my own 2 week challenge - total body style with 6 complete stretching days mixed in... well alright then!

For today I hoped to try the newest 1000 calorie workout - and boy did I not feel like working out! Like at all! But I knew that I wouldn't be able to do this workout for a while, because I am going to donate blood tomorrow, so nothing extremely strenuous after that!

And then I remembered Kellis Story. And that she did this 1000 calorie workout after battling chronic pain for years. And here I was, perfectly healthy, a little low energy and a lot low motivation. So I started the workout, having in mind that I could do it completely low impact and even if I stopped after 10 minutes, it would still count.

Luckily the "Lets Dance Best Of Playlist" (basically the german version of "Dancing with the stars" I think) was lifting my mood instantly. Nothing better than to do HIIT or strength training to the lovely tunes of "Schüttel deinen Speck" right?

Well - I did the whole thing! I'm guessing 85% high impact! I am so so happy right now! And I had some insights too:

- I can do 1000 calorie workouts (this was my first try)

- I feel badass doing strength training

- I am so so grateful for my body!

Yeah, sorry for the long read, but I had to share :)

For the next days I plan to do the next 2 days of the 3 day stretching challenge, then see if I can do a recovery cardio workout and then (on the 4th day after donating blood) I will check in with my body if I am able to do a short total body workout.

Greetings from Germany to you all!