Daily Check-in: Tuesday, June 2nd

What's happening, FB Fam? I hope the mornings/afternoons/evenings of post Monday/ Tuesday are treating you gently. Wild Lettuce is on the menu of flowers today. I never associated purple flowers with lettuce or that this is one of the few wild edibles you can eat with leaves that ooze a milky sap when you break them, but in the wild, things tend to get all Ms. Frizzle. (Magic school bus, anyone?^^)

So on the theme of getting messy, how is that going; from messy hair don't care post workout hair to messy meals? Dish and lift what's happening today! First day of FB Sweat was a doozy for the legs( I'm pretty sore!) so it's a good thing upper body is getting worked out today. To those also doing FB Sweat with me, have fun and good luck! I imagine the fun and good luck applies to whatever you are working out today. Just remember that any movement for any duration is good.

Along with potentially fun(?) workouts, also have fun with food too. Because if food isn't fun and enjoyed, we are just starving ourselves of what food can do for us. Yes, I've said food way too many times, but do tell what you are eating today. I'm back on the channel of not really sure, so I'm just going to play things by ear. Or by the tongue, 'cause I can't really eat with the ear. Leave it to me to twist common expressions.

Now, some part of Tuesday awaits for us, so let's do this day like we do every day; navigating through the minutes and hours with our unique style and grace.