FBFit Round 2 -Week 3 - Check-In

Hello FB-Family,

my check-in is a little bit late, because I didn't have that much time the last few days, but here it is:

Day 15 - FB Blend Workout + extra credit core

I really enjoyed the FB Blend Workout with Kelli, because it is a nice combination of Cardio and Strength. The HIIT however was really hard for me. The extra credit was nice, especially because there were other exercises than in the main workout.

Day 16 - 25 min Cardio with Kelli + Stretching

I did the extra challenge as an additonal warm-up, and it was a perfect one. The Cardio workout was hard, but there were a lot of unknown exercises for me, so it was still fun! The 15min Stretching Routine afterwards felt so good! I liked this day.

Day 17 - HIIT+Abs with Daniel, Butt+Thighs with Kelli, upper Body with K&D

The workouts on this day went by so fast! I loved the mixture of 3 different workouts. It wasn't boring at any point, but it still challenges you! I would do this at any time again!

Day 18 - Pilates with Daniel

You can choose from 2 different options on this day (Cardio with Kelli or Pilates with Daniel). As I was still sore in my legs from the days before I did the Pilates workout.

I liked it, I my muscles talked to me and when you really concentrate on your form and contracting everything, it isn't easy at all!

Day 19 - 1000cal workout for 2million subscribers

This was an endurance challenge. The HIIT was ok, I liked "round of applause", I hated Plyo Push-Ups. The first 2 reps of an exercise were easy for me, but as the 20 sec went on, I really struggled. The core section was nice, because every exercise was just done once. Followed by a classic strength routine, which was... yeah classic with the go-to exercises

I wasn't like drenched afterwards or near death, but it was a challenge (a nice one though)

I skipped the recovery workout but I will do it as a night stretching in this week

My opinion on week 3: better than week 2, still really intense but makeable for me :)