This weeks goal

This week it's all bodyweight! I was using weights the whole of last month so I think for the next few days, switching it up is one of the best things to do.

One of my main goals is to ensure that I keep up good eating habits as I fell off track slightly yesterday. Where I've been eating properly this week it's also helped my digestive system a lot and even though I'm still in a little pain, it's getting a bit better as the days go by.

Another goal for this week is to take down the intensity a bit. I felt like last month I was doing a lot of HIIT and I kind of want a break from it all. So instead of my regular total body HIIT routines, I will instead be replacing them with a total body steady cardio or a strength session. I've also added some pilates and yoga to this week just to make it a little more relaxed.

This is a goal that's totally unrelated to fitness but I would also like to spend more time outside in the garden to read my book and get a little vitamin D. I think it's so easy for us all to be caught up with our work and constantly looking at a screen all day so it would be nice to take a break.

What's your plans for this week?