Black Lives Matter

Today, we want to take a clear stance against racism, inequality, systemic discrimination and oppression, in all of its many forms. Ultimately, if one human is not treated equally to another because of their race, then all of humanity becomes poisoned.

It should go without saying, but a person should be able to go out for a jog, to the store, for a drive - or just generally move about their lives and communities, without fear of being targeted for no other reason than the color of their skin. This is universal and needs to extend everywhere - to the justice system, to education, to employment, and to healthcare and beyond.

So, we stand today in solidarity with the peaceful protestors who want to affect change in our society, with the goal of ensuring that laws are enforced equally, and with great care, no matter a person’s race or social standing. Equality and systemic oppression is not a political issue, but a human rights issue, and we should all invest in a future that serves everyone equally.

Please be safe in these troubling times, and try to remind yourself of how many things we have in common in a time when many only want to divide us. Look for the good. It is there. Look for the people pulling together, protecting one another, and working together to create positive change. Look to the cities whose police are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with protesters, for the change that we need.

For our part, we have and will continue to donate to causes supporting both small communities being impacted, and to the movement. It’s not enough, but this is the least that we can do at this time. If you can support an individual, a community, or the cause financially, please do. If not, there are other ways to help. Seek them out. If you’re looking for ways to help, do your research and find things to support that you believe in; petitions to sign, causes to support, educational material to read and share, numbers to call, and all of the different ways you can advance this important cause.



Daniel, Kelli, and the Fitness Blender Team