Just Out of Curiousity

Hello Blender Peeps!

This is something I just thought of randomly while I was looking through the June Plus Challenge. I know I said I like to keep my workouts a surprise but because this one is strength training I wanted to be sure that I can even do these workouts since my joints won't allow me to use weights...at least for my lower body.

While I was looking through the workouts I found myself becoming more excited to do the upper body workouts and even the core workouts (mainly upper body) than anything else. That had me thinking that I really enjoy working my upper body. My upper body is I will admit one of my weaker parts of me but my weakest is my core. Don't worry I'm working on trying to even out my entire body. I love working my upper body, total body and core. Out of these three I'm debating whether I like total body or upper body more. Plus, there's so many combos out there that use everything which make workouts like that fun. Example, workouts that do things like a curtsy lunge with lateral raises or bicep curls and forward/backwards lunges. Well then I guess that means total body is favorite then again...hmm...haha I'll figure it out. Either way they are fun in their own ways and different.

So I thought to myself, "Hmmm everybody has a different part of the body they like to work. Some people take it as far as only working that part or working out everything but doing the most work on that one part. If anything I wouldn't say that's a good thing. We have to work the ENTIRE body and make sure everything is as equal as possible right?

So I'm curious...which parts of yours bodies do you all like working and why? Lower body? Upper body? Core? Total body? A mixture? Is it your strongest body part? Weaker? Because those parts have better exercises to do for you? Like I said I'm debating between upper and total. Let me know!